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Revues importantes dans la discipline

Cette page sans viser à l’exclusivité recense quelques revues où il est possible de trouver des contributions en philosophie des sciences.

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  • Biology and Philosophy
    Recent decades have witnessed fascinating and controversial advances in the biological sciences. This journal answers the need for meta-theoretical analysis, both about the very nature of biology, as well as about its social implications. Biology…

  • Bulletin of Symbolic Logic
    The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic was established in 1995 by the Association for Symbolic Logic to provide a journal of high standards that would be both accessible and of interest to as wide an audience as possible. It is designed to cover all areas…

  • Canadian Journal of Philosophy
    The Canadian Journal of Philosophy was founded in 1971 by four Alberta philosophers, John King-Farlow, Kai Nielsen, T.M. Penelhum, and W.W. Rozeboom. Since its founding, CJP has grown into a widely respected philosophy journal with an international…

  • Dialogue
    Revue trimestrielle de l'Association canadienne de philosophie Dialogue est publiée par Cambridge University Press avec l'assistance financière du Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada. Dialogue bénéficie également du soutien de…

  • Economics and Philosophy
    The disciplines of economics and philosophy each possess their own special analytical methods, whose combination is powerful and fruitful. Each discipline can be enriched by the other. Economics and Philosophy aims to promote their mutual enrichment…

  • Erkenntnis
    Erkenntnis An International Journal of Analytic Philosophy Erkenntnis is a philosophical journal publishing papers committed in one way or another to the philosophical attitude which is signified by the label 'analytic philosophy'. It…

  • International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
    International Studies in the Philosophy of Science is a scholarly journal dedicated to publishing original research in philosophy of science and in philosophically informed history and sociology of science. Its scope includes the foundations and…

  • Journal of Philosophical Logic
    The Journal of Philosophical Logic provides a forum for work at the crossroads of philosophy and logic, old and new, with contributions ranging from conceptual to technical. Accordingly, the Journal invites papers in all of the traditional areas…

  • Journal of Philosophy
    Purpose: To publish philosophical articles of current interest and encourage the interchange of ideas, especially the exploration of the borderline between philosophy and other disciplines.

  • Journal of Symbolic Logic
    The Journal of Symbolic Logic was founded in 1936 and it has become the leading research journal in the field. It is issued quarterly. Volume 75, being published during 2010, will consist of approximately 1300 pages. The Journal is distributed…

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