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An International Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Erkenntnis is a philosophical journal publishing papers committed in one way or another to the philosophical attitude which is signified by the label 'analytic philosophy'. It concentrates on those philosophical fields which are particularly inspired by this attitude, although other topics are welcome as well. These fields are:

- Epistemology
- Philosophy of science, foundations and methodology of science in general and natural and human sciences such as physics, biology, psychology, economics, social sciences, etc. in particular
- Philosophy of mathematics
- Logic, philosophy of logic, and all kinds of philosophical logics
- Philosophy of language
- Ontology, metaphysics, theory of truth, theory of modality
- Philosophical psychology, philosophy of mind
- Practical philosophy, i.e. ethics, philosophy of action, philosophy of law, etc. One of the objectives of Erkenntnis is the provision of a suitable platform for the discussion of controversial issues; another is the provision of timely, competent reviews of important publications in an ever-growing field of research.

In recent years, philosophers standing quite outside the pale of analytic philosophy have also paid careful, and indeed most welcome, attention both to precision of concept and language, and to well-grounded foundations. Erkenntnis provides for them, and for philosophers of all persuasions, a place of meeting, of discussion, and of disputation.

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