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Le bulletin

Appels à communication

"Formal Epistemology and the Legacy of Logical Empiricism", University of Texas at Austin, USA, 26 -27 avril 2012 (date limite de soumission : 31 janvier 2013).

Call For Submissions

Formal Epistemology and the Legacy of Logical Empiricism

Department of Philosophy
University of Texas at Austin
26 -27 April 2012

Submissions are invited for a two-day workshop, “Formal Epistemology and the Legacy of Logical Empiricism,” to be held at the University of Texas on 26 -27 April 2012. This workshop is intended to initiate an annual series exploring the legacy of logical empiricism. Submissions are invited in all aspects of logical empiricism that provide the foundations for and critiques of the program of formal epistemology. Topics covered will include but not be limited to the logic of confirmation, the structure of theories and models, the logic of explanation and reduction, and the logic of discovery. Besides the founders of logical empiricism such as Schlick, Carnap, Reichenbach, and Neurath, the workshop will include the contributions of later figures such Hempel, Nagel, and Salmon. Each session will consist of a 40-minute presentataion followed by a discussion. A final session will be devoted to an open discussion of the issues raised during the workshop.

Initial submissions should consist of long abstracts of papers (£ 2000 words) and be sent to <>; deadline: 31 January 2013. Acceptance decisions will be finalized by 15 February 2013. Graduate student submissions are encouraged; travel by graduate student presenters will be partly subsidized.

Confirmed speakers include Flavia Padovani (Drexel University), Michael Stoeltzner (University of South Carolina), Thomas Uebel (University of Manchester), Richard Zach (University of Calgary).

Organizing Committee: Sahotra Sarkar (University of Texas at Austin), Cory Juhl (University of Texas at Austin), Miriam Schoenfield (University of Texas at Austin), Hannes Leitgeb (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), and Richard Zach (University of Calgary).

Contact: Sahotra Sarkar (University of Texas at Austin); <>.

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