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Le bulletin

Annonces de colloques et journées

Colloque "Sperber Week", Institut Jean Nicod, Paris, 10-15 décembre 2012.

Sperber Week

Institut Jean Nicod, Paris, France
December 10-15, 2012


Institut Jean Nicod (IJN) is pleased to announce a week of events in honour of, and around the work of, Professor Dan Sperber (IJN and CEU Budapest):

PLM Masterclass
December 10-11
The first Masterclass of the PLM Network (Philosophy of Language and Mind) will be held at IJN. It will be led by Professor Dan Sperber on the theme of Communication, Culture, and Cognition.

NaSH Workshop
December 12 (morning)
Members of the NaSH group, composed of some of Dan Sperber’s former students, will present some of their work in the morning of the first day of the conference, December the 12th. Anthropologists, philosophers, and psychologists, they represent a small sample of Dan Sperber’s diversity of interests.

International Conference
December 12 (afternoon) to December 15 (morning)
Finally, an international conference in honour of Dan Sperber will take place, with the participation of leading figures in the areas relevant to Sperber’s work: philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and linguistics.

Attendance to the International Conference and the NaSH Workshop is free and open to all. However, we ask the persons interested in attending to kindly register by sending an email to:

More information can be found on the (new) IJN website:

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