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Appels à communication

Workshop Animal Cognition: Behavioral Studies and Theory Formation, Ruhr-Bochum University, 28-30 juin 2012 (date limite de soumission : 15 mai 2012)

Workshop-Announcement & Call for Posters
Animal Cognition: Behavioral Studies and Theory Formation
June 28-30, 2012
Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany)
Call for Posters

We invited poster presentation as part of our symposium and will financially support the presenters.

Posters should be submitted in a completed format or to be described by an abstract of 700 words.

Submissions are to be made with EasyChair:

*Submission deadline: May 15th, 2012*

Poster presentations will be supported with up to 75,00€, respectively with up to 150,00€ when the participant are arriving from outside Germany. All travel costs can only be reimbursed on basis of receipts.

Animal Cognition: Behavioral Studies and Theory Formation
June 28-30, 2012
Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany)
The workshop aims to discuss the recent developments in the growing field of investigating the cognitive abilities of animals. We intend to structure the presentations and discussions by focusing on four interconnected key questions: 1. What methodological principles should govern investigation of animal cognition and interpretation of observations of animal behavior? 2. How can recent findings about cognition in corvids and primates be integrated with neuroscientific data on brain evolution into theories of cognitive evolution and views about an anthropological borderline between humans and animals? 3. To what extent can we find symbolic understanding in animals? Since understanding symbolic and a recursive structure is one of the recent candidates for an anthropological borderline, one question for discussion is whether this still marks a clear species difference. 4. Empirical work has steadily accumulated suggesting the paradigm examples of 'merely associative' behaviors have striking ties to attention and central control, leading some to argue that these behaviors are better explained by appeal to cognition. This raises a question: Does a purely associative link-forming mechanism exist at all, or is learning cognitive all the way down in both humans and animals?

The workshop consists of four sections:
1. Methodology and Interpretation of Behavioral Studies (Convener: Prof. Colin Allen, Bloomington)
Keynote Speakers: Prof. Louise Barrett (Lethbridge), Prof. Hanjo Glock (Zürich)
2. Evolution of Brain and Cognition (Convener: Prof. Onur Güntürkün, Bochum)
Keynote Speakers: Prof. Josep Call (Leipzig), Prof. Thomas Bugnyar (Wien)

3. Symbolic Understanding: To what extent can we find symbolic understanding in animals? (Convener: Prof. Albert Newen, Bochum)
Keynote Speakers: Prof. Julia Fischer (Göttingen), Prof. Tecumseh Fitch (Wien)

4. Cognition versus Association: Does “mere association” even exist? Or is it cognition “all the way down”? (Convener: Prof. Cameron Buckner, Houston)
Keynote Speakers: Prof. Tom Beckers (Amsterdam), Prof. John D. Greenwood (New York)

CALL FOR POSTERS and contact, see:
Deadline for poster submission: 15th of May 2012
Registration (There will be no fees): Please register before 31st of May 2012 by sending an email to:
Scientific Organization: Prof. Albert Newen (Bochum), Prof. Colin Allen (Bloomington), Prof. Onur Güntürkün (Bochum), Dr. Cameron Buckner (Houston)

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