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Annonces de formations

Ecole d'été : Sixth Summer School in Cognitive Science: Reasoning, 20 juin - 1 juillet, Montréal, Canada (date limite : 20 juin 2016)

June 20, 2016 - July 1, 2016

Institut des sciences cognitives, Université du Québec à Montreal

320, Ste Catherine Ouest
Montréal H3C3P8

Topic areas

Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Logic and Philosophy of Logic
Philosophy of Cognitive Science
Philosophy of Computing and Information

Talks at this conference
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Reasoning is an important component of our cognitive activity. This theme is a prolific field of interdisciplinary investigation. Many renowned researchers will present their investigations at our Summer School 2016. Reasoning will be addressed through the following angles of approach : Recent developments in formal logic for the modeling of human reasoning; the experimental study of human heuristics, biases and fallacies; the computational modeling and simulation of reasoning; the neuronal foundations of reasoning; reasoning and cognition; cognitive architectures; reasoning in embodied and distributed cognition; reasoning and perception; reasoning and memory; reasoning and language; reasoning and evolution; logic and computation; the teaching and the learning of logic and arguing skills; reasoning and intelligent tutoring systems; creative inferences, analogies, induction and abduction.

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