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2016 Summer Institute: Reconceiving and Explaining the Success of Science, 1-12 août 2016, Bâle, Suisse

2016 Summer Institute

Reconceiving and Explaining the Success of Science

Scientific metaphysics is based on the idea that metaphysics—the study of what the world is ultimately like—should be informed by the remarkable success of science. The 2016 Summer Institute will address the idea that the success of science can inform metaphysics by: (a) considering different interpretations of the success of science, (b) examining how the success of science interpreted in various ways might be explained, and (c) exploring the metaphysical implications of these explanations. We will consider the possibility of interpreting the success of science in terms of broadly conceived investigative practices as well as the theories and models that are involved in these practices.

Organizers: Alan Love (University of Minnesota), Ken Waters (University of Calgary), Marcel Weber (University of Geneva), and Bill Wimsatt (University of Chicago/University of Minnesota)

Invited Speakers: Nancy Nersessian (Harvard University/Georgia Institute of Technology) and Alyssa Ney (UC Davis)

Dates: 1 August – 12 August, 2016

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Venue: Hotel Bildunszentrum 21

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