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Le bulletin

Annonces de colloques et journées

Conférence "Perspectival Modelling: Pluralism and Integration", 2-3 juillet 2016, Edinbourgh, Ecosse

ERC-funded conference on Perspectival modelling: Pluralism and Integration
University of Edinburgh,
Dugald Stewart Building, 3 Charles Street, EH8 9AD, Rooms 3.10-3.11
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July

The goal of this first international conference - part of the ERC Consolidator Grant Perspectival realism: science, knowledge and truth from a human vantage point (PI: Michela Massimi) - is to explore methodological problems and prospects of perspectival modelling across the sciences. What challenges does the integration of data coming from incompatible models pose? And what are the prospects of a pluralistic approach to perspectival modelling?

Keynote speakers:

Theo Arabatzis
Bob Batterman
Jed Buchwald
Anjan Chakravartty
David Danks
Mary Morgan
Margaret Morrison
Anya Plutynski
Friedrich Steinle
Ken Waters

The event is free but registration is required (there is a cap on numbers). For the online registration link please see here:

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