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Le bulletin

Appels à communication

Appel à posters - PSA 2016, 3-5 Novembre 2016, Atlanta, Etats-Unis (date limite : 1 juillet 2016)

PSA2016: Call for Posters

Submission is now open for abstracts for posters to be presented at the PSA2016 meeting in Atlanta, GA on November 3-5, 2016. Please note that there will be morning sessions on November 3 beginning at 9 am in response to feedback from our post-meeting survey. The deadline for full consideration of poster abstracts is July 1, 2016. The poster committee expects to announce its decisions on abstract proposals on an ongoing basis, usually within three weeks after submission.

Poster abstracts may be on any research topic in the philosophy of science, the teaching of philosophy of science, outreach related endeavors in philosophy of science, and philosophy of science focused grant projects. The PSA2016 poster committee will strive for quality, variety, innovation, and diversity in accepted abstracts, and we are especially interested in work related to teaching and outreach not typically represented on the main program. Topics in philosophy of science that also are of potential interest to members of the History of Science Society (HSS) and/or the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA) – whose meetings will be held jointly with PSA2016 – are warmly invited. Members of the PSA2016 Poster Committee are listed at PSA2016 Poster Forum Committee.

The maximum poster abstract length is 500 words, including any references. Submissions should be prepared for anonymous review, with no information identifying the author in the abstract. (See instructions on how to prepare submissions for anonymous review.) Reviewing will be “triple-masked,” with neither reviewers nor the poster committee chair having access to the author’s identity during the review process.

Poster abstracts should be submitted to, a US-based conference management system. Click on PSA2016 Posters and follow the instructions given there. For co-authored or multi-authored abstracts, the presenting author should provide and upload the abstract; non-presenting co-authors are required to go to the same site (PSA2016 Posters) to respond to demographic questions.

The PSA policy regarding multiple submissions to PSA2016 and presenting no more than once on the main program does not apply to poster abstracts. Main program participation and poster forum presentation are not mutually exclusive. A presenting author on a contributed paper or participating in a symposium may also submit one poster abstract on a substantially different topic. If the abstract is accepted, then the author may present (or co-present) the poster at PSA2016. Instructions and advice for creating posters can be found here: PSA 2016: Instructions, Samples, and Tips for Constructing Posters.

General questions about poster abstracts should be directed to the chair of the PSA2016 Poster Committee, Alan Love, at To maintain anonymity in the review process, questions about specific submissions should be sent to, which will be monitored by someone not involved in the review process.

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